22 Reasons Why iPhone 6s Users should Buy iPhone 7

iphone7 and 6s comparison

In this article we will give reasonable comments on why iPhone 6s users should buy iPhone 7?

Two days ago, Apple, shows its “by far the most outstanding and most advanced” new generation iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Apple says that these smartphones have number of innovation, every aspect has improvement. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with bright black color remains trending till now after launch. Users in Pakistan and around the world are talking about iPhone, its updates and Price in Pakistan and the world.
I am not sure if following 22 reasons are convincing enough for you to purchase, but they are good enough.

  1.  iPhone 7 series A10 Fusion equips quad-core processor than the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. However, A9 dual-core 40% faster. More importantly, iPhone 7 can still use more than two hours than of time on iPhone 6s.
  2. A10 Fusion chip integrated GPU graphics processor unit, into a six-core design, 60% faster than the iPhone 6s.
  3. M10 motion co-processor replaces M9.
  4. New Retina HD display, now equips DCI-P3 color gamut, with better color rendering. Additionally has advance color management system.
  5. Home button key is more intelligent than previous one and able to tactile better feedback. Home key button has solid-state design, but is also more robust and sensitive.
  6. Screen brightness increases up to 625 cd / m2, compared to its 25% better than iPhone 6S.
  7. 4G LTE download speed limits reaches up-to 450 Mbps, higher than the iPhone 6S which is 300 Mbps.
  8. iPhone 7 camera has 1.8 Large aperture lens, by contrast iPhone 6s which as 2.2 Aperture lens.
  9. Camera of iPhone 7 equips six lens whereas iPhone 6s is five lens camera.
  10. Camera now supports a wide angle of shooting photos, so make the photos more colorful and sharp. Captures more real life colors.
  11. Camera while taking photos and video capture additional body recognition, facial recognition. Whereas in iPhone 6s you can only select one face.
  12. 4 LED flashlights improve brightness and is 50% more brighter. Whereas iPhone 6s has only 2 LED.
  13. iPhone 7 now has optical image stabilization feature.
  14. iPhone 7 Plus has wide-angle dual-lens combination, now a static image provides two optical zoom. However, digital zoom is up-to 10 times, there are 2 optical zoom and 6x digital zoom while shooting videos. Whereas, the depth of field to shoot future effect. 6s shoot still pictures only 5 times digital zoom, video capture only 3x digital zoom.
  15. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus front camera has been increased to 7 megapixels, whereas. 6s has only 5 Mega Pixels camera.
  16. Front camera of iPhone 7 currently supports a wide angle of shooting photos and videos. It also supports automatic image stabilization feature, whereas, iPhone 6s do not have any of these.
  17. A slight increase in battery life, iPhone 3G and LTE networks along with web browsing reaches up-to 12 hours. However, iPhone6s reaches only up-to 10 hours.
  18. Size of iPhone 7 remains same but weight is 5g less than 6s.
  19. iPhone 7 equips with stereo speakers, speaker volume doubles but iPhone 6s has single speaker.
  20. iPhone 7 now supports IP67 level of dust and water resistant but 6s does not have this feature.
  21. Color is amazing, iPhone 7 now have the black color and Bright black version. Better color and has shine surface making it a premium device.
  22. iPhone 7 has a 256GB storage space but iPhone 6s is only 64GB.

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