Apple’s WWDC 2016: iOS 10 Major Updates

This year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2016) may not be the most exciting, but it is certainly the most dazzling and amazing. Apple announces major products and updates in event including iOS 10, Apple watchOS 3 and Apple TVOS. 

Apple WatchOS:

apple watch OS

Apple started with watchOS, and announced that Apple watchOS 3 update will make watch response 7X faster.

The new OS will understand the user’s favorite and frequently used apps, then display directly on the watch screen. However, users can switch between applications by swiping, of course, the speed will be faster while switching apps. watchOS 3 included more interesting and interactive design of the dial, it also gives more choice to users.

apple watch OS3

WatchOS3 focus much on people with disabilities and brought updates accordingly. Now you can listen heart beat data. Also provides wheelchairs for disabled people to use motion data, and will close with a “Time to Roll” prompt with disabilities to exercise, rather than “Time to Run”.


WatchOS 3 also includes the SOS function, you can dial 911 or other emergency number through WiFi or mobile phone. Long press a side button, the system will automatically find the emergency number for your area and send a message to preset contact.


The new version supports various avtivites you can enjoy with your family and friends. Simply add them to social channel of Apple Watch.


In addition to the above mentioned features, Apple has also added Game Center in this update of watchOS 3 and also Apple pay feature. Apple also added video feature, now you can watch videos on wearable device but users may not like this due to arm and head movement. WatchOS 3 will be officially be launched this year 2016, developers will be able to download a preview version now.


There are currently 6000 apps supported on the Apple TVOS and using Siri you can search more than 650,000 movies and TV shows.

TVOS by apple

After the update, iPhone introduced another Remote Control feature for Apple TV users. Now users can switch channels and play games using their iPhone. Now doesn’t matter if you can not find remote control, it will always be with you.

OSTV Remote Control

TV OS also added sign-in feature, users simply log on Apple TV once and then you can go directly to the content of of your subscribed channel. There is also a night mode, Siri voice remote control and other updates.

Apple TV os search

When you download some other common apps such as Airbnb and MLB app in the iPhone, the new version of the tv OS will download the same app on your TV. So you can allow users to see the contents of the app on a larger screen. Apple intends to accelerate the tvOS speed too, the conference focused on the next blockbuster content that will be delivered by Apple.

OS X: Renamed as macOSmac-OS

With 15 years of OS X, finally Apple fot a new name for OS – macOS. Reason for changing name is simple, Apple want to keep similar name for all the products such as MacOS, watchOS, iOS, tvOS.


The new mac OS is called macOS, the mac OS further developed to enhance the Hand off usage. As long as Apple Watch or iPhone is in your hand, you can use devices without entering password to unlock.

iOS 10 Perfect:

On the other hand, iOS 10 undergoes major interface change after iOS 7. First update will be available soon for users. iOS 10 on iPhone adds simple sensor feature, when pick up the phone, the screen will automatically turn on. It also enhanced 3D Touch iOS update feature is the focus. You can reply or delete the notification by 3D Touch directly in the lock screen.


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