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APUS Unveil New Feature “Hide Apps” for Mobile Phones

hide apps android by apus

Hide apps or lock apps is the most demanding feature from android users and this will be ground breaking feature. Many users download various apps for this purpose but APUS users will get this in their smartphones for free. APUS Launcher users can update to new version of APUS and can use Hide Apps feature. This feature is very easy to access and apps will completely hide from smartphone. Moreover, users can also set password to their apps and once user open an app it will ask to put password. 

APUS introduced new feature to hide apps for all users with a simple two finger swipe up gesture on home screen. Users can hide any app installed on their smartphone and can also add password to lock app. Hidden apps will not appear anywhere in search or app list and will remain under cover. This feature is now fully available to for 3.3.0 and above versions which also improved UI of APUS.

Unlike other app locks, APUS “Hide Apps” feature enables app lock without any permission settings by users. Whereas, UI of Hide Apps is also quite simple with Enable Password and add/delete options. Password option also has secret questions to recover password if user forgets.

APUS users for a long time were asking for this feature and now APUS has launched this long awaited feature for all users. There are more features strongly recommended by users may appear in APUS User System in future. APUS is recently adding more intelligent features into its User System such as APUS KNOW which brings personalized content for users.

Even more exciting, APUS Search features can search anything on your mobile including messages in apps, settings, apps and more. However, those apps included in Hide Apps will not appear in search APUS Search feature. Moreover, APUS Headlines and Themes & Wallpapers are hot features loved by its users and APUS updates Wallpapers and Themes every week with new creative. APUS also allows users to login using Google and Facebook and can submit their own wallpapers.

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