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APUS & ZOOOK tie up for women protection & empowerment

APUS launched a new contest along with French lifestyle brand ZOOOK for the cause of women protection and empowerment. . APUS users were asked a question “How to protect & empower women?”, while users have the chance to win a ZOOOK Safety Baton. The Contest was launched on both brands’ Facebook pages whereas some InApp promotions are also implanted in APUS Launcher.


APUS and ZOOOK collaborated   on promoting women empowerment in their unique manners. ZOOOK, for one, promotes safety Baton which can be a helpful tool for self-defense purposes; women users are loving it.

On the other hand, , APUS Launcher helps women by making smartphone user friendly  and fast. APUS develops products while always keeping the local aspects in consideration. Especially when designing product for Indian users, APUS kept it simple so that young users or early adopters may find it easy to get.

APUS and ZOOOK team up for a contest on Facebook and users responded with enthusiasm and creative solutions to violence against women. Women safety, being not only a social cause, but also a social responsibility in India, is much appealing to female Indian users. As APUS has a large number of female users, as well as male users who cares deeply for women safety, too, this campaign brought up healthy discussion and positive engagement on Facebook.

ZOOOK safety batons are given as gifts for selected participants, owing to women safety campaign this prize would fit best. Large number of women participating in this contest to win special gift brought to them by ZOOOK & APUS.

APUS takes its corporate social responsibility seriously   by comeing up with various campaigns and contests of user’s interest for different regions. Results show that APUS users love these activities specially designed for them and contests are loved by a large group of users specially APUS Facebook Page followers.

A simple question could raise sense of social responsibility because it’s about women safety, an issue that involves everyone’s lives. Users are participating in this campaign not only for winning but also showing support for women. India users seem optimistic and generating content to motivate others and spread this information to more people.

APUS Launcher is highly appreciated and liked by Indian users due to some cool features such as APUS Boost, APUS Know, APUS Headlines, APUS Discovery etc and of course APUS Themes and Wallpapers are most popular due to large collection of wallpapers and themes for users. All these features are simple and user friendly; they allows female users to handle smartphone easily & smoothly.

ZOOOK is a division of Intelligent Technologies specialized in high-end designing, manufacturing and marketing innovative Consumer electronic products. Zoook is an HEVFM (High-end value for money) French brand which produces products which are not merely decorative; they are an expression of distinctive living culture.

APUS understand user’s gratification factor and always come up to mark by launching campaign based on user’s feedback and interest topics, proves to get high engagement and positive response from Indian users specifically.

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Founded in June 2014 by APUS group CEO Li Tao, who has 16 years’ experience in the Chinese Internet market. APUS Group’s mission is to deliver the world’s most intuitive user experience to Android smartphone users worldwide. As a top 10 developer on Google Play, APUS Group develops critical system apps that collectively embody the APUS User System, the world’s fastest, smallest, most simple user system for Android users, including APUS Launcher, APUS Search, APUS Browser, APUS Headlines, APUS Discovery, APUS Know, and APUS Message Center.

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About Zoook:

ZOOOK was born in France, conceptualised and created by technology freaks who are artistic and creative. This fusion of techno-art and the desire to create a high-velocity impact on Earth by its mere existence led to ZOOOK. Specialised in high-end designing, manufacturing and marketing innovative Consumer electronic products is its sole purpose with the mission to create products that not merely are decorative, but to be an expression of distinctive living culture.

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