Google Drone Food Delivery


Google’s Alphabet parent company launch drone food delivery project with fast-food chain enterprises Chipotle. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and Google starts project this month to carry out drone distribution project in Mexico.

The project will be in the Virginia Tech University, and by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval.

According to Bloomberg , this is Google X project Project Wing UAV another flight experiment. Google is not the only company, want to use the drones for transport companies. However, Walmart and Amazon are also testing such kind of projects for delivery purposes.

This Drone equips auto guided project feature, and you can fly like a plane, it can hover like a helicopter. Experiments are not only to assess the accuracy of the navigation system but also people’s response to process. Depends on the insulation package, and whether intact to the destination. Vos also mentions that the company is developing a second generation of more sophisticated drones.

Alphabet Google parent company believes this technology is will bring great changes to society and the economy. Which will not only reduce carbon emissions, but also to change the way consumers go shopping.

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