Immediately update to iOS 9.3.5

Apple released a new version of IOS and urge users to immediately update to iOS 9.3.5 version. Users must update it as soon as possible, new update is only 40MB. Apple described it as “iPhone or iPad provides important security updates, it is recommended that all users install”.


In a recent wake of security, Apple found some serious loophole in iOS 9.3.4. Users data and personal information is on threat and this is kind of high alert for users to update. In this update Apple addresses security vulnerabilities, prevent spyware intrusion to iPhone.

However, users should know the threat as hackers use only a link and can remotely jailbreak your iPhone. They may  install sophisticated spyware and can steal all your iPhone data and personal information.

This will be last update of 9 series and new updates of IOS 10 will be available in September. Whereas, users can download and install IOS 10 beta version or you have to wait till official release.

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