Nokia Hires “Angry Birds” CEO

Nokia hired Ex-Rovio CEO, he was leading Angry Birds project. Finish App developer company Rovio is famous for most viral game “Angry Birds”. Nokia has announced that they hired EX-CEO Angry Birds, Pekka Rantala as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). This addition to their staff will ring a new marketing strategy with android devices.

Nokia is working on Android smartphones and will make announcement in few months. Before making this announcement this is the right time to hire an expert and dedicated Marketing officer for Nokia. This move may bring a positive change in the company.

Rantala has previously worked with Nokia for several years and then joined Angry Birds but left company soon. Now he made a come back after many years to work with Nokia again as CMO.

However, these moves are to promote their new smartphones that are coming soon. There are many speculations about the company and their smartphones. Whereas, the company is dedicated to come back again in the mobile industry.

First thing is that, the company was in the business for a longer time and never quit. Secondly, company has started to work on reviving back to its glory. Now its the time to see how long it will take Nokia to come back into industry. While keeping focus on smartphones, Nokia will introduce Android phones but many experts are critical about it.

Nokia’s Chinese CEO Mike, while talking to media said they will announce new smartphone in forth quarter. After this news many tech specialists now looking forward to see the new product.

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