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QMobile releases Nokia copy Q3310

Qmobile Q3310 appears in Pakistan and it is copy of old Nokia 3310. However it seems more bright and better than Nokia 3310 2017. It is clearly noticeable that Qmobile comes with copy idea and it will be successful in Pakistan. Qmobile Q3310 will be popular and if not same as Old Nokia it will be no less. Due to a hype in Pakistan for Nokia and 3310 model, Qmobile seems to be on right line in releasing this model in Pakistan.
Qmobile Q3310 is 1,999 RS in price and it is competing Nokia 3301 which is 5000 RS in Pakistan. Mobile users in Pakistan are keenly waiting to get this phone and enjoy their memories with old 3310 by Nokia.

Qmobile Display:

Q3310 comes with 2.4 inches screen with a bright display. The Qmobile Q3310 screen is bright and wide enough to be clear and competition with other mobile phone. This display will be good for users and they might enjoy using this bar phone.

QMobile Camera:

The Qmobile included a VGA camera in Q3310 phone and this comes without flashlight. Q3310 camera is just fine for taking some photos but it will not be a good quality.
Specifications of QMobile Q331o and more images are available.

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