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Samsung Galaxy A8s Teaser: First Rimless Phone with Hole in Display

Samsung Galaxy A8s


The Galaxy A8s should be a new milestone for Samsung in early 2019 that is rumored. The Galaxy A8s is noticed primarily by its rimless design – rumored for the first time with a hole in the display for even narrower edges without Notch.

After Samsung did not notice too many innovations in the first months of the year 2018, the South Koreans started the #techtober with some exciting announcements and teasers, from a new SSD technology to the perhaps soon marketable graphene batteries up to the first quad -Cam phone in the form of the Galaxy A9 (2018) and A9s in China.

Galaxy A8s with “First-Time Adoption” technology:

On the sidelines of yesterday’s launch event, there was also a short view on 2019 and here we do not mean the Galaxy S10 , which should also offer some exciting news after the soft-update of the year 2018. But even the more affordable Galaxy A family is aggressively expanding and not only inherits innovations of the S-class but may come increasingly in the future with “first-time adoption” technologies come up.

Hole in the display instead of disturbing notch:

This so-called innovation by Samsung selbsz is probably, according to Samsung observers, a variation of the recent Samsung AMOLED forum shown rimless display with hole in the display for the selfie cam. As reported, not only Samsung is working to replace the unloved Notch by a less disruptive method to integrate the selfie cam on the front, and the BBK triumvirate Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus research to this effect and will probably in early 2019 corresponding mobile phone novelties present.

Launch probably in January 2019:

The Galaxy A8s appear in the teaser from Samsung (see picture above) in any case absolutely borderless, how close the reality of this vision then actually comes, we may already see in January 2019. Rumor has it that the Galaxy A8s is based on the Snapdragon 710, which could be the Galaxy A10 , perhaps just a different name for the Chinese variant. Whether the “hole in the display” as in the sketch at the bottom of the page or center is integrated, is not yet known.

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