Samsung Recall Galaxy Note 7

According to foreign media reports, since the quality of a battery identify security breaches. South Korea Samsung Electronics recently announce recall of its latest flagship model Galaxy Note 7. Company also suspends the flagship smartphone sales in 10 countries and regions. However, Galaxy Note 7 users in Pakistan seems bit confusing about it.

Previously, Samsung Note 7, we have seen two serious accidents of charging explosion. Followed by the official announcement will further investigate the incident and thus delayed the delivery Note 7. However, Samsung has not acknowledge the move beginning with the relevant explosion.

“Bloomberg” reports that two weeks ago the official sales of Galaxy Note 7 model selling over 2.5 million units. While Samsung recall this decision and will cost them at least $ 1 billion. Samsung mobile phone head Koh Dong-jin recently apologizes on battery explosion. Till September 1 Samsung Service Center registered a total of 35 cases of failure Note7. He mentioned that Samsung is always take user’s security seriously. Therefore decided to suspend sales Note 7 and will provide replacement service for all users.

Thanks to Galaxy S7 favor worldwide, Samsung shares last month almost reached a new high in the history. And expects to record the highest quarterly profit in two years of record. Moreover, Galaxy Note 7 has previously been recognizing as possible with Apple’s upcoming iPhone7 rival.

Recall Galaxy Note 7 Impact:

However, this recalls the impact of perhaps only a part of the Samsung expects full year net profit of $ 20.6 billion is small. Moreover, we recall that it is not clear whether the cost plan will be part of Samsung’s Samsung SDI undertook. Although Samsung has not yet disclosed battery parts suppliers Note 7 name. But we are almost certain that some of Samsung SDI is likely to need to recall part of the cost burden.

So the question now on the left of this recall action will constitute negative image of Samsung. In the highly anticipated initial listing of Note 7, the product almost won the praise of the industry. And its sales are vacuum before the advent of the new iPhone seems quite rosy. However, overwhelmed by global recall of letting the future prospects of this product is full of uncertainty.

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