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Wadood Matrimony Launches Rishta App in Pakistan


Wadood Matrimony launches Rishta app in Pakistan to solve a greater social problem in society. Rishta search in Pakistan is one of the most unattended part of our system. First of all its difficult to find the right match, rest our society has gathered so many unwanted issues which is adding to the difficulty. 

Recently a company called Wadood Matrimony launched Rishta mobile App to solve most if not all, Rishta search problems in Pakistan. We talked to the founder of the company, Mr. Ali Nasir Hussain, a social worker and asked him how is this App making a change in Pakistani society with dense rooted problems related to socio-ethnic culture.

He said that majority of people ask for two things while searching for Rishta i.e. the girl should be fair and boy should have high earnings. But success of married relationship does not depend on these two things instead, happy married life depends on personality match between the couple. He said that sole focus of the App is to divert the attention of people from physcial appearance and wealth towards personality of the individuals. For this to happen, they ask personality questions from candidates and their parents. Other people can listen to the answers and decide if their thinking, life style and personality matches with whom.

Some stories narrated by company as which point out some common problems.

A mother of 3 daughters, aged 32, 28 and 25, all unmarried, says she has given 10,000 Rs to a Rishta aunty but after 6 months she didnt get a single matching candidate for her daughters. All daughters are graduated from reputable universities, but the families reffered to her are either of low educated or their family back ground does not match with theirs. 

A girl from Lahore says that 5 families have come to their house to see her as viable Rishta but no one responded back. She says her color is wheatish and every body demands that the girl should have fair color. Now she has told her mother that she will not come in front of any body. They can just see her photo but she will never come in front of them serving tea.

Another narrated story

A family is renowned in the town that they have visited 30 homes to select a girl for their only son who is well settled with high salary. He does not look like Brad Pitt but still he is the only son, so a hoor pari should be selected from the city. Those whom they visit, they dont tell them back, they just say they are looking other options and will let know soon.

Another one…

A girl finally got engaged in Multan. Just 2 weeks before barat her mother was told to bring few things so that her daughter lives comfortably. Not much only a small car, Gold jewelry, furniture, kitchen items, Bed set etc etc etc….

Mr Ali said that the Rishta App is designed so that we stick to our values. Its not up-to the boy and girl only to chat and then decide on their own. Instead if they think their personality matches with any one then their parents can contact with each other for further discussion and meeting with each other. The call center verifies earlier if the contacts given for parents are correct.

Mr Ali said that a research was conducted to know drawbacks of Rishta search on the Internet. He said that first thing was fake profiles. In Pakistan there are hundreds of websites and Facebook which provide online Rishta service but 90% of the profiles are fake. You don’t even know if the picture, name or even the gender is correct or not. To solve this issue the App takes only face photo and ID card number from CNIC and not the full photo of CNIC to protect the safety of CNIC. the details are then verified from NADRA. Only then the profile is published.

Mr Ali said that the Rishta App is designed to curb against social problems in our society like discouraging Jahaiz. Some people visit tens of homes to find Rishta but still never feel satisfied. The App keep an eye, how many contacts each one has taken and how many homes have been visited. They have developed a feedback system as well within the Rishta App. After meeting with the family, the App asks feedback from candidates about the other party. Then they can report any such activity or demands and these feedback will be written on candidates profile. Ofcourse nobody wants negative comments on their profile.

Last but not the least, the cast system in our society. The Rishta App does not have any field for cast so as to discourage people believing in this culture mainly taken from Hindus while we were living with them. 

The steps taken and design of Wadood Matrimony looks promising. Response from public is huge and many people have registered their profile. We hope that it solves the problems in Pakistan related to Rishta search. We hope that other people can also come forward and with the help of technology, solve other problems in Pakistan as well.

Download Android App: http://bit.ly/GooglePlayWadood

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