WhatsApp has released new features in terms of appearance and safety

Whatsapp darkfashion

The current beta version of WhatsApp is very promising, as it has worked everywhere. A new background color, new wiping movements and the possibility to open WhatsApp only via Face ID or Touch ID, all this awaits us in the near future.

Dark Fashion:

Finally, the messenger service has announced a dark fashion, which has been repeatedly demanded by the users in the past. Other news apps like Threema or Telegram already offer this dark background. The dark mode is not only an optical surface, but also has several practical benefits. On the one hand, especially with smartphones with OLED displays the battery consumption is reduced because a black background is more energy efficient. Also, the dark colors are more pleasing to the human eye and the lack of white space minimizes the blue light and makes us sleep better at night. Our independent editorial staff is paid for by advertising. We show readers the lowest possible amount of ads, but Adblock users see more and lower quality ads. Please switch off ad blocker.

Whatsapp darkfashion

Right-wiping responses:

If a message to which you would like to reply, has been a long time ago, you can bring this down with a right-wipe. Thus, this message including the answer appears again at the bottom of the chat history. This works both in single chat and in group chat.

Face ID and Touch ID:

WhatsApp has also broken new ground in terms of security. Whilst the app has always been accessible by anyone with access to the smartphone, WhatsApp wants to give users the ability to block strangers from accessing the app. reveals that authentication is required in the preferences by enabling the new Require Touch ID or Require Face ID options each time you open WhatsApp . If there are too many invalid login attempts, you will even be asked for the iPhone passcode. However, the whole thing is still in the first alpha trial stage and will probably need a little more until the general release. Also WhatsApp has not yet revealed whether Android users can enjoy this additional optional security level.

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