Windows 10 October Update is now available

Windows 10 October Update

In the “October 2018 Update” (Version 1809) the latest update package for Windows 10 is ready for installation.  Windows 10 users has the sixth refresher package, Which innovations expect COMPUTER BILD explains in detail.

Windows-10 users, watch out:

Microsoft has officially released the “October 2018 Update”. The now sixth update package for Windows 10 raises the operating system to version 1809. With the update, the manufacturer comes to its promise to develop Windows 10 steadily. For Windows fans who are looking forward to the regular supply of new features, a party! because, the October update, there are many innovations to discover. Anyone who adds all the changes to the Windows version under the working title “Redstone 5”, comes to over 100! This includes the drilled clipboard, a new preview function in the start menu or a new power consumption display. For Android users, take a look at the Windows 10 app “Your Smartphone”. However, most of the changes in everyday handling are not immediately obvious – but that does not have to be bad. What you should look for after installing the October update.

Windows 10: Install October Update:

The October update for Windows 10 is released, but you can not see it on your PC? That does not matter : With the COMPUTER BILD flash updater impatient Windows fans will immediately get the update. The small update program downloads the October update to your hard drive and then installs. You can find out how easy it is in the guide to installing the October update . If you want to wait while waiting, be patient. Because the group releases the function updates in stages. Accordingly, it may take even days or weeks after the official start, until the October update automatically appears in your account. Patient Windows users minimize the risk of stumbling over possible teething problems of the latest Windows update.

October update: This is in the new Windows 10:

After giving up on initial attempts to force each update on, such as addressing “creative” customers, the October update provides fresh functionality for all user groups. For example, Android users should take a look at the new Windows 10 “Your Smartphone” app. Once set up, they access their smartphone directly from the PC to retrieve stored photos, read or reply to text messages. There are no data on the servers of Microsoft, as the manufacturer promises. In the future, Microsoft wants to add more features and make the connection of Android and Windows closer.

Although the combination of mobile phone and Windows also works with iOS devices, due to Apple’s limitations, iPhone owners hardly benefit from it. On the other hand, it is exciting for users who regularly move data between several programs. Because Microsoft has finally reamed the clipboard and made sure that does not forget so quickly. If the option “Clipboard history” is activated in the settings, it saves several texts, pictures & Co. In the editorial office the problemfree worked for 60 elements. If you work with multiple Windows 10 devices, you can move the clipboard to the cloud to synchronize data across multiple devices.

October update: Clean up windows and identify power guzzlers:

Useful for notebook users is the option to finally find power guzzlers with on-board resources. To do this, Microsoft added the columns “Power consumption” and “Power consumption (Trend)” in Task Manager. Anyone who regularly struggles with space problems should enable Memory Sense in the system and memory settings . Once turned on, it automatically deletes temporary files and old downloads and empties the recycle bin as soon as storage space becomes scarce. With the October update, the feature now also takes offline stored OneDrive files, if you have not opened them for a certain time. However, this option only appears if the On-Demand Files option is enabled in the OneDrive settings.

Windows 10: Dark Mode and more:

You have activated the dark mode of Windows 10? Then take a look at the Windows Explorer: Thanks to the update, the file center of Windows shines in the deepest black. If you do not already know the dark optics, open the settings of Windows, click on Personalization , Colors and under “Select Standard App Mode” on Dark, With “HEIF” Windows 10 now supports Apple’s popular picture format. Microsoft is refurbishing the screenshot feature of the operating system, and the startup menu will get a detailed preview of installed programs. Some changes are also in the Edge browser. These include individually selectable color schemes for the reading view, a focus assistant, new visual effects or a completely revised menu structure. Users with HDR-enabled monitors are looking forward to more detailed customization options. The on-screen keyboard integrated into the operating system receives the auto-correction function of the Android and iOS popular SwiftKey keyboard. Players, however, look forward to the display of frame rates (FPS) as well as processor and RAM utilization when gambling. If you have start problems with Windows updates, you have the option to delete the faulty updates in the advanced startup options. These as well as all further innovations of the October 2018 update are presented by COMPUTER BILD in the photo gallery above. Nothing exciting for you? Do not worry: Under the codename “19H1” Microsoft is already screwing on the next Windows update, which should appear in April 2019.

Conclusion: Windows 10 October 2018 update:

With the October update Windows 10 starts in its sixth round. If you expect a completely new Windows 10, you have to reduce your expectations. Too far-reaching changes would put Microsoft at risk of frightening the majority of Windows users. And also in view of the update density, no huge jumps between the versions are to be expected. So it is, as with the previous updates, the numerous detail improvements that drive Windows 10 and keep fresh. And so brings the October 2018 update many changes that attract attention only on closer inspection, but the overall impression sustainably improve.

Windows 10: Microsoft relies on the cloud:

Many of the current and past innovations require active use of OneDrive. With the fixed leased line to the (Microsoft) cloud, the group follows the current trend and decouples the operating system or the data and settings of users ever further from the actual PC. In doing so, Microsoft is orienting itself on the Android and iOS practiced user habits, which promise maximum flexibility. This is useful for those who regularly work with different Windows devices. For the average Windows user with a PC in the office, this cultural change to the “Windows from the Cloud” takes some getting used to.

Moved: Windows sets will come later:

Microsoft is working on an art-tab feature, as it is known from the browser. It should work across programs. This should facilitate the topic-focused work, as the new function bundles all content in one window. The annoying switching between windows is eliminated. So far the theory, in practice, Microsoft has withdrawn the function. How the company communicates, you were not satisfied with the current implementation. For example, the integration of sets in the edge browser and the office suite did not meet their own requirements. The Group stresses that it needs more time to improve its function. However, that means that Sets did not make it into the October update. Microsoft has promised to return the feature to the insider version of Windows 10 in the coming months. Since probably an extensive conversion of the sets function is pending, probably not even Microsoft knows, whether the feature with the next Windows update in spring 2019 appears.

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