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Xiaomi Qicycle Children Bike Launched


Xiaomi has built a new thing beneath its crowdfunding platform which was just teased today and this creation is for the childrens. A children bicycle created by Riding (Xiamen) Technology Co Ltd who had also built the foldable electric bicycle released last year.

Xiaomi qicycle children bike:

This variant is especially introduced for the kids that has a child-friendly and safe design. The Xiaomi kids Qicycle has an ergonometric design and has no sharp edges that could give injury to the childrens. It has got soft seat and the body is capped with a safety cover made up of foam. Xiaomi qicycle hand bar is designed with an anti-slip that will make the breaking easy.

The Children bike has two forms, one is without pedals and the other one is with pedals. The qicycle without pedals is to benefit the child during creation to learn to walk freely. When the child grows its pedals can be added and also its chain is fully protected that it doesn’t come in contact with the kids body. The children bike is finally available on the Mi home crowdfunding platform in the price tag of ($87).  Xiaomi qicycle children bike would ship from June 9 2017.

Xiaomi Qicycle Children Bike